November 14, 1991

Here’s 45 minutes of Raw Deal from November 14, 1991, probably from 10:05-10:50pm. Some highlights include an EPMD St. Ides commercial, a heavily-echoed commercial for The Funhouse (a club in Philly) that assures partygoers that “all problems are resolved,” a nice remix of the Fu-Schnicken’s “Ring the Alarm,” some ill live Naughty By Nature (was this ever released on one of their albums?), an ad for a Naughty By Nature/Black Poets/Zulu/Courageous Chief show, and a shout-out to “A chickenfoot in the circle” (?!!). This is a particularly inspired set from Eazy M, even with the occasional table skips. Lots of energy here.

Before tape starts…

  • Fire & Earth… X-Clan
  • Fat Rat… Grand Puba
  • Trapped… 2PAC
  • All Praises Due to Outstanding… Blvd. Mosse
  • Latifah Had it Up to Here (Remix)… Queen Latifah

Side A

  • Airbreak/Ads/Airbreak into Eazy’s set
  • Ring the Alarm… Fu-Schnickens
  • All For One… Brand Nubian
  • Naughty By Nature drop
  • O.P.P. (live)… Naughty By Nature
  • The Choice Is Yours… Black Sheep
  • Sometimes I Rhyme Slow… Nice & Smooth
  • Never Never Land… The UMC’s
  • Gang Starr drop
  • Airbreak/Ads (great PRB/Naughty By Nature ad at 31:00)/Airbreak
  • Strobelight Honey… Black Sheep
  • Kenny Parker drop
  • Time to Flow (feat. Treach)… D-Nice
  • Just Serving Justice… Poor Righteous Teachers
  • The Symphony, Pt. II… The Juice Crew (cut short)

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