March 15, 1990

This is on the flipside of the March 8th tape, so it’s likely this is the start of the March 15 episode. G shows some jealousy over Tone’s new ’89 Supra but disses Eazy’s “Mess-cort.”

Side A

  • Intro Airbreak
  • Baby, You Nasty… Lord Finesse & DJ Mike Smooth
  • Let Me Show You… Chill Rob G
  • Ain’t No Half Steppin’… Big Daddy Kane (over The Humpty Dance instrumental)
  • The Humpty Dance… Digital Underground
  • Airbreak into Tone’s set
  • Funky Hip-Hop Sandwich ID/Tony D ID
  • Breaks
  • Funky For You… Nice & Smooth
  • The Power… Chill Rob G

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