July 25, 1991

This tape kicks off with a drop by Ice-T and, later, features perhaps the laziest-sounding drop ever courtesy of KRS-One. This episode comes not too long after this previously posted episode where Eazy M, G, and Tony D were still in transition from “Club Krush” to “Raw Deal.” Here, we’re firmly in “Raw Deal” territory. For you nerds who want to know how I calculated the date: G discusses having just seen Boyz ‘N the Hood, which came out on Friday, July 12, 1991 (via All Movie Guide). In addition, he comments about how Almighty & KD Ranks’ “Trenton Where We From” will be available “very soon.” According to the All Music Guide, it was released on Tuesday, July 24, 1991. I originally dated this July 18, but a news item on side B noted that Jeffrey Dahmer had been charged, and that happened on July 25th (he wasn’t even apprehended until the 22nd).

Sometimes, I wish I had just labeled these tapes better.

So, the music. On side A, there’s some good local NJ hip-hop from Willingboro’s own Courageous Chief as well as an unreleased track (as far as I know) from KMC and Insane Poetry titled “No Title for This.” There’s also the great juxtaposition of a St. Ides ad and an alcohol/drug awareness PSA. Side B suffers from some occasional static (I wasn’t always listening live when I was recording a show), but has an interesting news report midway through and ends with a solid set of dope Trenton hip-hop courtesy of Tony D, including tracks from the Too Kool Posse, Almighty and KD Ranks, and an unreleased one from Tone himself with Rahzii Hi-Power (it’s his birthday and he’s also in studio). There’s also an incredibly dope St. Ides ad from Rakim on side B and my favorite Courageous Chief track, “Russian Roulette.”

You’ll note some occasional cutting out. I cut a song or two and some commercials as I was recording to save space. This was more common with later shows, as I had built up recordings of many of the songs they’d play from week to week. Of course, looking back, I wish I hadn’t, but hey, I was a broke high school student and had to pay for the blank tapes. Had to save space somehow.


Before Side A starts…

  • Trenton Where We From… Almighty & KD Ranks
  • Juvenile Delinquintz… Terminator X
  • Romeo… Superlover Cee & Casanova Rud
  • All Praises Due to Outstanding… Blvd. Mosse

Side A

  • Ice-T drop
  • Pulse of the Rhyme… Ice-T
  • No Feedback… Courageous Chief
  • The Creator… Pete Rock & CL Smooth
  • KRS-One drop
  • Airbreak/Ads/Airbreak into “Brick it or Vic It” segment
  • No Title for This (feat. Drew Rock (Psycho from Insane Poetry))… KMC
  • Any Way the Wind Blows… The UMC’s
  • Butt… In the Meantime… Black Sheep (cut)
  • Jump, Spread Out… Jamal-Ski
  • Heed the Word of the Brother… X Clan
  • Ego Trippin’… Ultramagnetic MC’s
  • Airbreak (over Rock This Funky Joint (Remix Instrumental)… Poor Righteous Teachers)/Ads/Airbreak
  • Sleepin’ On My Couch… Del the Funky Homosapien
  • O.P.P…. Naughty By Nature

Side B

  • O.P.P…. Naughty By Nature (cont.)
  • ?… EPMD (cut)
  • Blue Cheese… The UMC’s
  • A Roller Skating Jam Named ‘Saturdays’ (feat. Q-Tip & Vinia Mojica)… De La Soul
  • The Chubbster… Chubb Rock
  • ?
  • News/Ads/Airbreak
  • Russian Roulette… Courageous Chief
  • Ed OG drop
  • Airbreak/Ads/Airbreak into Tone’s set
  • ? (Instrumental)
  • Do You Wanna Get Hype?… Too Kool Posse (Bumani X)
  • T-Nyne (of Ed OG & Da Bulldogs) drop
  • Lyrics in a This (feat. Rahzii Hi-Power)… Almighty & KD Ranks
  • KRS-One drop
  • Rappin’ Black… Poor Righteous Teachers
  • Ice-T drop
  • Douche (feat. Rahzii Hi-Powa)… Tony D

Missed between sides: Chubb Rock… Just the Two of Us

Side C

  • Stop Them Know… Crusaders for Real Hip-Hop (cont.)
  • Airbreak/Ads/Airbreak into G’s set
  • Pigs… Cypress Hill (G accidentally played the unedited version and had to switch things up quickly)
  • Sobb Story… Leaders of the New School
  • Break North… Ultramagnetic MC’s
  • Come In… 3rd Bass
  • I Got To Have It… Ed O.G. & Da Bulldogs
  • Can’t Escape the Hypeness… Blvd. Mosse
  • Straight Up Nigga… Ice-T (cut)
  • Deadly Venoms… Prince Rakeem

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