August 15, 1991

This partial episode starts at a little before 10pm and is easy to identify the date because they speak about a show “this Saturday, August 17th.” Lots of disses lobbed at Power 99 and their Radioactive show and their “No Rap Workday.” And G does his Lakim Shabazz imitation. Tone, Rahzii Hi-Powa, and a silent DJ Kam roll up later on.

Eazy’s house show (“Eazy’s House”) is mentioned.

The second side of this tape had just a few minutes, so I tacked it onto side A. Lots of tracks cut early on.

Side A

  • Airbreak
  • But in the Meantime… Black Sheep (cut)
  • The Bridge is Over (Live)… Boogie Down Productions (cut)
  • Snake Eyes… Main Source (cut) (cut)
  • Be Black… King Sun (cut)
  • Give ‘Em a Sample… Too Kool Posse (cut)
  • Definition of a King… Two Kings in a Cypher (cut)
  • Airbreak
  • Wickedest Man Alive… Naughty By Nature
  • Hip-Hop Junkies… Nice & Smooth
  • Blue Cheese… UMC’s (cut)
  • U R Not the 1… Craig G (cut)
  • Roots and Culture… Shabba Ranks
  • Trenton Where We Live (Remix)… Almighty & KD Ranks
  • Airbreak
  • Sit ‘Em Down (Git ’em & Hit ’em)… Sir Fresh & DJ Critical
  • Raw (Remix)… Big Daddy Kane
  • The Chubbster… Chubb Rock (cut)
  • ? (cut)
  • When Me Come… Junior Demus
  • Just the Two of Us… Chubb Rock
  • Fuck Compton… Tim Dog
  • Airbreak
  • Alwayz Into Somethin’… N.W.A (cut)

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