New Cruasders album, Tony D merch, etc.

Coming soon: unreleased Crusaders for Real Hip-Hop on Cha-Ching Records!

PQuest has also been doing some great work, so peep his PQuest Revival’s site and pick up his Tony D t-shirt.

Shout out also to BeFyne’s The Stand for the re-releases of Baby Chill’s LP, the Funk Family’s LP, and a bunch more.

Latest Addition

July 6, 1990

Crowded studio. Gusto discusses the release of 360 Degrees on their own Soul Power Records, coming in 2 1/2 weeks. Almighty & KD Ranks share a rare track, "Can't Test We," on side B. (For some reason, this tape only…

Random Show

February 1, 1990

This episode features the regulars (Tony D, Eazy M, and G) as well as guests YZ, Pumis Sweet Love, B Chill, and BeFyne.